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mv Ocean Glory

We arrived at Hellenic Shipyards at Dimokratias Ave., Perama at about 8:40am and completed formalities and security check (cross check with Port State and Ethniki Bank) at around 9:20.
We boarded the ship right after.
The vessel is berthed on her Stbd side. Two guards on rotation are keeping watch. The vessel is not connected to a power source nor on a fresh water/sea water supply.
The guard on the ship has been informed of our "clear to board" and as such we begun the inspection immediately.
Although no deck and/or engine equipment could be tested we have investigated to the best of our abilities all these in search of evidence of repairs, breakdowns, etc.
In addition to the physical inspection we also spend a considerable amount of time in search of documents that could provide us with information about the ship, her voyages, maintenance activities etc. Few where found and those that did were dated no later than 2015 (vessel in berthed at the yard since about May 2016).
The compartments/areas inspected are:
Main deck
Mooring decks (fore and poop deck)
Accommodation decks
Bridge and monkey island
Hatch coamings and covers
Cargo Hold no1. (we were not allowed to descent to CH#2 for reasons of safety).
Engine Room and engine control room
Galley and messrooms

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